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A Parisian label in the art of handbag making, the name Kassandre bears its origin from Greek mythology, comprising a group of mutually inciting meanings such as “to shine”, “catcher of man” and “heroic one”, all of which find no discrepancy with the woman we present here today.

Our brand transcends the image of a woman distinctly herself, intertwining a sense of female pride and empowerment with the subtle sexiness of a woman who knows exactly what she wants, grabs it and excels. Just as the legends foretell.

The Kassandre creatures are draped with exotic skins and deep-set colours, confined upon structured shapes and object art pieces which display them to the world. Moulding both the animal skins of their forefathers and the bold classic colours of Jacky Kennedy, plastered over asymmetrical shapes characteristic to our own decade, the magnetic combination moulds the contemporary and the classic into a product of both beauty and functionality.

This line aligns not with attempts to be demure. It aspires to the bold, the empowered, the thriving. The Parisian label, customized by her acrylic chains with the resilience to perdure, her buckle bags set to leave at any moment, her Turnlock fastening which safeholds a woman’s essential possessions, offers all one can ask for. An item of practicality and style, waterproof to the future alterations of time and fashion. A bag, which along with its ancient tale, is set to last you through the ages, with an acute handicraft and timeless design which onecould never deem to be so everlasting.

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